Diggers World

Scrolls update

Game bonuses
Desperate diggers that have already enjoyed the Diggers World universe don't want to stop increasing the game inventory. After several days in caves, most encouraged diggers found a new way to increase their productivity; that's how the scrolls were invented.
Scrolls update is a new core feature in the game. Initially, there will be only 7 scrolls available for buying. With new updates, new scrolls will be added to the game.
Bonus game menu
Game UI with bonuses
All scrolls are one use only. After the scroll is used it's burned and can't be returned back.

7 Scrolls:

Permanent additional slot

The scroll grants the player a permanent additional tools slot. Can be used several times. The additional slot is applied for all types of tools.
Additional slot scroll

Burning protection

The scroll saves the tool from burning. After saving the tool, the bonus disappears.

Craft cost reduction

After using the scroll in the game, the player receives a discount for the next craft. After the craft, the discount will be used.

Mining bonus

After using the scroll in the game, the player receives an additional 5% bonus to safe mine for several days. More mining bonuses can't be used when a mining bonus is applied.
Scrolls can be obtained through different game actions.
One of them is opening Leather Chest.

Leather Chest

Leather chest
The chest contains one random scroll.

Chest odds

25% Crafting cost discount
15% Crafting cost discount
5% Crafting cost discount
Burn protection
Additional slot
Mining bonus 7 days
Mining bonus 3 days
Leather chest can be purchase in game shop

Collect resources and prepare for the next updates!