Diggers World


Description of game resources and tokens
Iron is obtained using bombs. Use the iron to craft and repair tools such as pickaxes and jackhammers or withdraw the DWI token.
Use your pickaxes to mine sulfur. Sulfur is used to craft and repair tools such as bombs and jackhammers or can be withdrawn as DWS token.
Diamonds are the most valuable token in the game. Diamonds are produced by jackhammers and used to craft and repair bombs and pickaxes. Also, it can be withdrawn as DWD token.
DWD - Diggers World diamond
DWS - Diggers World sulfur
DWI - Diggers World iron
Iron, Sulfur and Diamond are in-game currencies. DWD, DWS and DWI are tokens.
All tokens can be Purchased/Sold on the Alcor exchange.
All tokens from the crafting, repairing, and withdrawal commission are burned. Only 1% of the withdrawal commission is saved to sustain game resources (RAM, NET, CPU).