Diggers World


Standard tools
In Diggers World, we have 3 main types of tools: Pickaxes, Bombs, and Jackhammers.
There are four types of rarity in the game: common, rare, epic, and legendary.
Detailed information about each tool can be found here Pickaxes​
Without any game bonuses, a player can only use 2 tools of each type.

Common tools:

Common tools are the best instruments to start your journey in Diggers world. However, to conquer the mines you will need better tools.

Rare tools:

Rare tools are the best choice for experienced miners, they are much better than common tools but not as profitable as epic tools.

Epic Tools

Once you get an epic tool, you join a group of the greatest miners in Diggers World. You are already mining as many resources as a typical miner can only imagine, but you shouldn't stop your eagerness on this level, because legendary tools are waiting for you.

Legendary tools

Legendary tools are the most valuable tools in the game, only the top miners obtain them. Only a risky player can obtain a legendary tool someday.